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OPEL ADAM Cup / Front Wheel Drive 1600ccm

The cup version of the new Opel ADAM, which is specially tailored to the needs of rally customers, is based on the FIA R2 regulations. Schmack Motorsport has two Opel ADAM Cup in stock.

Body: lightweight body shell, integrated safety structure, sumpgard for engine and fuel tank
Interior e: SPARCO-Competition seats, electrically operated fire extinguishing system, dry battery
Engine: 1.6-l-16V four-cylinder aspirated engine, 140 hp/160 nm, variable camshaft adjustment, BOSCH motorsport ECU
Transmission: sequential Sadev five-gear- transmission, differential lock
Suspension: REIGER Racing-Suspension, McPherson suspension struts with unibal responses
Brake: hydraulic "fly-off" handbrake, pressure regulation for rear axle; Brembo 4-piston brake caliper
Weight: 1090 kg empty weight

OPEL ADAM R2 / Front-wheel-drive 1600 ccm

The Opel ADAM R2 is one of the most successful vehicles in the R2 category and has proven its technical superiority in national and many international championships. Schmack Motorsport has two Opel ADAM R2 in stock. One vehicle each in the asphalt and gravel specification.


Body: lightweight body shell, welded safety cage,

Engine: 1.6 l 16V four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with racing pistons and variable camshaft adjustment Transmission: Sadev five-speed sequential gearbox with limited-slip differential

Chassis: adjustable rally chassis from REIGER Racing Suspension

Weight: 1030 kg 

OPEL CORSA Rally4 / Front-wheel-drive 1199 ccm

The latest model in the Rally4 category and successor to the successful Opel ADAM R2.


Body: lightweight body-in-white, welded safety cage

Engine: three-cylinder turbo engine, type EB2, 1199 cc

Transmission: front-wheel drive, sequential 5-speed gearbox from Sadev, three-way-adjustable limited-slip differential Chassis: adjustable rally chassis with Eibach springs and Öhlins shock absorbers

Weight: 1080 kg


The Opel Corsa-e Rally is the first  battery-electric rally car from a manufacturer with 136 hp and front-wheel drive. This year the fast Stromer start in their own cup - the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup.

Body: lightweight body shell, welded safety cage,
Motor: synchronous motor, 136 HP
Power transmission: front-wheel drive with Torsen differential
Chassis: rally chassis, McPherson struts with uniball mounts at the front
Electrics: ESP, traction control and ABS deactivated, motorsport display with data logger, newly developed high-voltage (HV) safety warning system

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